About The CAPC

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Our mission is to contribute to the economic growth of the area by developing and promoting Eureka Springs as a destination for leisure travel, meetings, conventions, and events while enhancing our visitors’ experiences.

We are funded by the residents of, and visitors to, Eureka Springs, Arkansas through a 3% sales tax on all prepared food, beverages, and lodging.  We use those funds to advertise and promote the city of Eureka Springs. We also provide advertising and promotional support to our attractions, businesses, festivals, meetings, and events that bring visitors to Eureka Springs.

The Commissioners created this site to provide access to our forms and marketing materials, as well as to help showcase some of the advertising and promotional materials our commission has helped produce and fund.

We currently hold meetings at 6 pm on the fourth Wednesday each month and hold workshops at 5pm on the second Wednesday of each month in the city Auditorium (36 S. Main). The public is invited to attend, or can view the meeting and workshop livestreams click here.

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For a look at where we spend our ad dollars, please click here for our most recent reports.

Workshops are held at the Auditorium every second Wednesday of each month at 4pm. When that date is just prior to a national holiday, the workshop will usually be held on the third Wednesday. The public is invited to attend workshops as well.

The Commissioners are:

Name Position Term Expires Phone Email
Jeff Carter 1 6/30/25 479-239-2010 jeffcartercapc@gmail.com
James DeVito
479-253-6807 pastaate@gmail.com
Patrick Burnett
501-416-0456 capc@patrickburnett.com
vacant 4 6/30/24 n/a n/a
Autumn Slane
918-408-5437 autumnineureka@gmail.com
Nick Roberts
479-650-3043 nick.roberts86@yahoo.com
Carol Wright
479-973-9110 carolmanley4783@gmail.com

If you would like to apply to serve as a Commissioner, please click here for the application form. You can learn more about what the position involves, please click here for more information.

To send an email to the Commission, please click here.

To contact the CAPC office directly, please call 479-253-7333 or click here.